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3 months ago

UBU lab

Donosimy, że ukazała się gra "DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge", a współtwórca naszego labu Yerzmyey w tej grze tworzył muzykę na Atari ST, ZX Spectrum i SAM Coupe. Sama gra jest w klimacie klasyków 8/16 bit.

Przypominam też, że niedawno ukazała się monografia "Demoscena ZX Spectrum" (po polsku i angielsku) współsygnowana przez Yerzmyeya, zasłużonego członka demosceny ZX Spectrum. Książkę opublikowało Wydawnictwo UJ.
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3 months ago

UBU lab

Trwa History of Games Conference. W ramach konferencji keynote address Piotra Mareckiego o Atari, demoscenie i eksperymentach.Meet the keynote speakers! Dr. Piotr Marecki will be with us on Oct. 23rd.

🧑‍🏫About the speaker: Dr. Piotr Marecki is a scholar, artist and publisher. He is the author and co-author of conceptual books, games, bots, demos. Marecki is Associate Professor at the Jagiellonian University. He is also the head of UBU lab and Ha!art Based in Kraków.

👾About the keynote: Practice and experiment: Atari, demoscene & games
Demoscene is a field of cultural production that is centered around a platform and its creative use. This key aspect distinguishes the demoscene from other fields of creative expression in digital media (games, electronic literature, media art), where the platform usually remains transparent, in the background. The demoscene is present practically on every platform (from 8-bit computers, through 64-bit computers, to consoles, smartwatches etc.). Once such platform, the 8-bit Atari, once a symbol of commercial digital entertainment in the early age of digital media, when appropriated by demonsceners in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia became also a symbol of independent, non-commercial, experimental creative activity. The Atari XL / XE demoscene developed mostly behind the Iron Curtain (to a lesser extent in Western or Northern Europe), which makes it a prime area of investigation for digital media research interested in issues of localness, diversity and decentering.
My talk will be devoted to discussing a selection of digital creative works created on the Atari platform albeit in circumstances that are not typical for the Atari demoscene, that is, in the academic context of the UBU lab at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. My focus will be specifically experimental productions thematizing local games. Works discussed in my paper include textual generators, mods as well as subversive games developed during gamejams, which straddle demoscene, media art and electronic literature. One common characteristic of the works at the center of my paper is that they have a ‘meta’ aspect, describing in various ways both the community and the platform itself. Examples include the textual generator Robbo. Solucja (2017, ‘Robbo. Walkthrough’) or the mod Zmierzch. Niedokończona przeróbka (2018, ‘Twilight. An unfinished mod’).
My broader aim in presenting these programs is also to present the laboratory model of work we adopted at the UBU lab, where alongside research and teaching in the field of digital media, we also produce digital works ourselves. These works are created on and for original platforms (the lab is equipped with working 8, 16, 32, and 64 bit consoles and computers with relevant peripherals). The works are usually created in collaboration with active Atari 8 bit demosceners, eg. Kaz, Bocianu, Gorgh, TDC, Lisu, Kroll, Pin, Tbxx. A relevant aspect of the production-focused approach in science is that it is accompanied by specific means of communication about the ongoing research, like technical reports. My presentation will also touch upon the challenges and advantages of basing research projects on the foundations of passion, fun, experiments and creative practice.

You can access all the programme here:
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