Robbo. Solucja

Book generated using Atari computers


Piotr Marecki, Wojciech „Bocianu” Bociański, Piotr „Kroll” Mietniowski, Krzysztof „Kaz” Ziembik

About project

Tech has a very short life nowadays. New platforms are being killed by newer, which are being killed by even newer … and so on, and so on – to infinity. The answer is to return to hardware that is forced out and dead. Robbo. Solucja includes the text that was generated on eight bit computer Atari. The cover was designed using Atari STE. Book was typeset on Atari TT. Ataris are not being manufactured since 90-ties.

Robo. Solucja is first book ever in Polish language that was entirely generated by computer.

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