UBU Lab core team

Head of the Lab

Piotr Marecki, PhD

editor, publisher, translator of experimental literature (with Aleksandra Małecka), cultural studies and digital culture scholar. President of Korporacja Ha!art Foundation, supporting contemporary, innovative, experimental art and culture. Since 1999 editor-in- chief of postdisciplinary journal of art and culture Ha!art. He has organised and co-organised numerous literary festivals, events, conferences and media art shows, including Ha!vantgarde International Literary Festlab. Assistant professor in the Institute of Culture at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and lecturer at the Film School in Łódź. He is also the head of creative computing lab at the Jagiellonian University. In 2013-14 he did a postdoc at Massachussets Institute of Technology at the Trope Tank lab. His numerous publications, such as TekstyliaTekstylia bisLiternet.plPost-1989 Polish Literature in the light of Pierre Bourdieu’s theory, include lexicons, volumes of essays, a textbook, and a guide on contemporary Polish literature, which focus on new, innovative trends and electronic literature, demoscene. His recent collaborations include the conceptual book 2×6 with Nick Montfort, Serge Bouchardon, Andrew Campana, Natalia Fedorova, Carlos León and Aleksandra Małecka published by Les Figues Press, Los Angeles in 2016. Currently works on a ZX Spectrum monograph (together with Yerzmyey and Hellboj). Based in Kraków, Poland.


lo-fi artist: demoscener, musician, graphic artist, photographer, writer. Since 1989 the creator of the Hooy-Program. Author and co-author of numerous demos, intros, graphics, chiptune songs, interactive fiction, games, collection of photos. Those works have been presented around the world (Europe, Russia, USA, Asia). He is mostly a ZX Spectrum artist, but also works with Atari and Amiga computers, Commodore 264 series, the Raspberry Pi and many others. He is the co-author of a creative computing lab at the Jagiellonian University. Currently works on a ZX Spectrum monograph (together with Piotr Marecki and Hellboj). Based in Kraków, Poland.

Robert "hellboj" Straka, PhD

z80 & x86 programmer, mathematician and AGH UST lecturer. In the current project he is responsible for ZX Spectrum code desing and implementations. Author & coauthor of several demos, intros and games on the ZX Spectrum. His academic career is linked to advanced numerical methods in science and engineering with emphasis on GPU computations and Lattice Boltzmann Method.

More can be found on pouet.net & researchgate.net.

Jakub Woynarowski, PhD

is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he currently teaches at the Narrative Drawing Studio and conducts a seminar on visual culture. He combines the activity of an visual artist, designer and independent curator. As an author of graphic novels and art books, including “Corpus Delicti” (2013) and “Dead Season” (2014), he investigates the feasibility of applying various forms of visual narration as instruments of theoretical reflection. Interested in the “archaeology of the avant-garde,” he is pointing out similarities between ancient artworks and modern art. He takes up themes associated with post secularism, post-humanism, institutional criticism and gonzo curating. In 2014 he collaborated with the Institute of Architecture as author of the artistic concept of the Polish Pavilion at the 14th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. In 2015 he received the prestigious Passport award given by weekly magazine “Polityka” in the visual arts category. Together with Aneta Rostkowska, he has organized gonzo curatorial projects at De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam, National Gallery in Prague, Akademie der Künste der Welt (Academy of Arts of the World) in Cologne and Dutch Art Institute. His work has been exhibited, among others, at Fondazione Memmo in Rome, Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp, MeetFactory in Prague and Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Based in Kraków, Poland.

Jacek Olczyk, PhD

literary historian, writer and translator. Between 2008 and 2012 he worked as a Polish language teacher at the Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Interested in experimental literature, especially the French group Oulipo, as well as 20th century poetic theories. In 2012 he was awarded a PhD from the INALCO University in Paris and the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He translated the works of Georges Perec (Teatr I, Kraków 2010, Urodziłem się. Eseje, Kraków 2012). He is the author of a monograph Życie literackie w Krakowie (Kraków 2016). He lives in the countryside in Poland.

Leszek Onak

codezilla of literary algorithms at the village information transaction machine. Co-founder of Hub Wydawniczy Rozdzielczość Chleba, member of collectives: cichy nabiau, टट्टी Z U S w a v e, Perfokarta. Website: http://http404.org

Jan K. Argasiński, PhD

Media theorist and philosopher. Cyberpunk. Occasionally demoscener. Works at the Department of Games Technology of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University. In his day job he works on the processing of emotions in computer systems (affective computing) and on virtual and augmented reality projects.

At Jagiellonian he conducts classes related to the design and creation of games. He’s member of the creative programming team of UBU lab and reasercher at AffCAI (Affective Computing Context Awareness and Ambient Intelligence) group. Recently head of the R&D project at Nano Games.

Experts who work with us

Jakub "Argasek" Argasiński

Professionally — front-end developer working in the aviation industry, who began his programming adventure by learning himself x86 assembly language; in his leisure time — Amiga computers enthusiast, co-organizer of the biggest Polish multi-platform demoparty — Riverwash, electronic music composer (soundcloud.com/argasek). Loves to photograph on a 35mm film. Since 1998 an active Demoscene member, striving for making this phenomenon more popular through lectures and presentation panels (UBU Lab, festivals: PatchLab (PL), Ha!wangarda (PL), MAGFest (USA) and others).

Pavel Cimbal

was born, together with his twin-sister, in Turnov (Czech Republic) in 1977. While studying microelectronics (his life-long hobby) and automatisation in highschool in Jicin in early 90s, he got in touch with the 8-bit home computer phenomenon. That time, the 8-bit demoscene just emerged. While studying computer science at Czech Technical University in 1995, he got quickly in touch with others ZX-Spectrum sceners on the Internet. During his Ph.D. studies, in 2002, he created divIDE (AT-IDE controller for ZX-Spectrum), which was later sold in thousands. He’s working as a low-level programmer at Avast Software s.r.o since 2005 and is also lecturing Machine Oriented Languages (assembly) at Czech Technical University since 2000. He is (yet) unmarried. His other interests are electronic music, theatre acting, ham-radio, paragliding, paranormal research, cross-country skiing and mountain hiking.

Magdalena "Corny" Krawczyk

Student of philosophy of new media under College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies at University of Silesia. Demoscene’s fresh blood. Tracker scene’s musician. Author and co-author of tunes dedicated for Amiga, Atari and mainly PC. Co-composer and vocalist of musical group Love Accessories. Member of poetry group Kastracja. (Video)model known as Breña Over. Based in Katowice, Poland.

Piotr "Kroll" Mietniowski, PhD

A graduate of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science of the AGH University of Science and Technology, PhD in physical sciences. A great enthusiast and computer expert of Atari computers (since 1987), in particular 16 and 32 bit computers. Participant of many nationwide rallies and until now an active user of these computers. Since 2015, he has been a co-worker and author of many articles “Rretrokomp” journal. From 2017, co-editor of the reactivated Polish printed magazine „ATARI FAN”, the magazine of all Atari fans.

Co-author of the book „Robbo.Solucja”, responsible for its composition in the program Calamus on Atari TT.

At Jagiellonian in UBU Lab, he looks after Atari Falcon 030 and STE computers. Based in Kraków, Poland.

Łukasz Szałankiewicz (alias ZENIAL)

He is an electronic music performer and sound artist. Lukasz is a member of the Polish Society for Electroacustic Music (PSeME) and the Polish Society for Contemporary Music (the Polish subsection of the ISCM). His formative artistic years began in the early 90s with an immersion in the demoscene —an early computer community based around transcending hardware limitations. The multimedia nature of demoscene has remained an important element of his solo artistic work, where sound is often combined with visuals and influenced by a conceptual framework.

Krzysztof A. Ziembik "KAZ"

He is a pixel art artist, game designer, and creator for vintage computer platforms. He also combines work as a lecturer with that as a researcher and journalist in the field of computer science history, demoscene and game culture. Founder of AtariOnline.pl, co-founder of a Specialist Training section of the Polish Psychiatric Association. A graduate of the Atlantic University Alliance (National University in Galway, University of Limerick and University College Cork) in creative technology and innovation management; holder of an MA degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław. He boasts many years of experience in founding Polish internet technology-related start-ups, as well as working for American & Irish medical companies. Currently lives in Poland.